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Customer Testimonials for Botanical Hemp

Dear Kim,

This gallon of cold pressed sativa seed oil is nothing short of a God-send! My heartfelt thanks to you! The healing abilit...ies of CBD oil is being evidenced so far by the small miracles being witnessed in humans and animals which are benefitting similarly.

One small dropper pulled a dying, ancient chihuahua out of the agonal phase of death, long enough to sit up, breathe, pink up again and relax before the real journey to the other side with the veterinary staff.

A young woman with Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome reports cessation of abdominal cramping and diarrhea.

An elderly man with arthritis had instant, overnight relief from topical application.

The Wild Mustang, "Spirit," which I've adopted from Miranda's Animal Shelter benefitted by me feeding her carrots saturated in CBD oil. When she was moved to a new corral, she was calm and docile; even though it was her first time out of the ten by ten pen; on a lead rope which she's been in for two months, since arriving from the Sierra Nevada Mountains!!

Then, of course there are the other tales of healing an inflammatory process (Systemic Lupus, I think?) in my own body, when I was on my way to the other side, because I was too sick to live. And, of helping friends who suffer from generalized anxiety disorders with Bodiology CDB oil, and more...

These stories will continue, as I continue on my ministry and mission to assist my fellow beings. Evidence-based, eye witness accounts of the amaZing, incredible, healing power of this miracle plant extract and its derivatives will be powerful testimony.

I'm extending a HUGE THANKS, and debt of gratitude to you and Bodiology for your super product, excellent rate, free and prompt shipping, and superb sales support.

If there is a story you'd like to hear more about, or would benefit from having in a short story/ stories in testimonial type format, please don't hesitate to let me know. I would love to support/ endorse your product in anyway-
Feel free to share this email!


In Gratitude and Sincerety,
Justine Marie Witte aka: Rusty

Blessed Bee ⛤🌙🌲🐻🐾🌲🍯🐝


Your oil has stopped our dogs seizure the other night..We are so happy with your product,I shared your page with Facebook people that also have epileptic dogs,thanks so much I hope it brings you more business,I swear it works..thanks so so much, T C

I like your product. You offer the best deal of the highest concentrate, I can dilute it four times in hemp seed oil and it works wonders for my bipolar disorder. It works wonders. I thank you so much! Right now the FDA (not the DEA) is coming down on CBD for being mislabeled as a cancer treatment or as an antipsychotic. Research shows that it truly is and these scholarly articles from peer-reviewed scientific journals give the facts. These are links to I am not sending you to any weird places. I've only gone back as far as 2011 so as not to overwhelm you. Cancer: Reports on CBD and Mental disorders by Brazilian researcher Dr. A. W. Zuardi, with whom I corresponded before attempting this treatment:

Again, I thank you so much! I will be buying more at the start of the month. Keep it up! 

Sincerely, Alex Spires