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Essential Oils

Posted on March 15, 2016 at 4:20 PM

Welcome to our new essential oil page, we carry over 200 fragrances, all stocked all the time. Should you make a request for a new oil we don't carry, there will be a $15 charge to bring the oil to the line, $50 to make it exclusive to you. 

Some of our great smells, all have different powers of healing, you will recieve a card with your oil to show you the bemefits of what you chose - you may blend any of the fragrances or ask us for ideas, such as Chocolate covered Cherry, Champange & Strawberries, we use the Raspberry sangria which is amazing, use you imagination or ours there is not one fragrange we can't get our hands on. Fragrances will always have a carrier oil, Essential Oils have the strength to burn your skin and ruin you property, this carrier oil will stop this from happening without taking away from the smell. We use a blend of sunflower, Avoicado and grapeseed, the top three oils in the business, all Natural and always Nut free, never tested on Animalis. We sell as small as an ounce as high as a pound.

Almond        lavender

apple cider              lemon

apple jack peel          lemongrass & sage

baby power    

Bamboo                      Lilac

bayberry                    Macintosh apple

bergamot                  mango

birds of paradise       merlot

black spruce              milk

blue tansy      botanical orchard & nectar mint

café mocha       Mulberry

calendula & lemongrass       oatmeal milk & honey

candy corn       ocean mist

cappuccino        hazelnut olive

Caribbean        oregano

chamomile        pear chardonnay

chardonnay        pear glaze

chocolate        pomegranate

cilantro        praline pecan

citrus        purely peppermint

citrus & sage        raspberry truffle

clean cotton        raspberry violet

coconut        red clove

coffee        rose

cranberry        rosemary

cucumber melon        rosemary camphor

dewberry        rosewood

eggnog        rum ripened raisin

eggnog       sandalwood

eucalyptus       spiced cranberry

evergreen       spring breeze

frankincense       strawberry

French vanilla       sugar cookie

fresh linen       sweat pea

gentlemen's choice       sweet pumpkin spice

ginger       tea tree

ginger lime       thyme

ginger passion       vanilla

gingerbread       vineyard

grapefruit       watermelon

green tea               white zinfandel

jasmine ginger       wild rose

Cafe' latte       wintergreen

Wild Cherry 


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