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MyBodiology has not changed , we have only improved over the years, we still offer the amazing Exclusive Spa Products.  We are now putting your health and well being first and foremost in our business plan. The oil that Loves you back is our signature  Hemp oil, we started selling 12 years ago and still have the best available. Please enjoy your shopping!

If you are buying retail for yourself, please put in code newyear20 and get an extra 10% off

If you are a Spa or Retailer please use code Spa20, for an additional 20% off


We have and will continue to manufacture Private Label, you want to sell under your name,  we can do that at no charge (total label design does have a cost your logo does not).  We keep our quantities for your purchase low, if you want to start selling retail 12 is the number they must all be the same product and fragrance. 

 We offer the best cold pressed oils in the Industries, we keep our price low so you can afford the benefits  of the great product without breaking your banks. our oils are Sunflower, avocado and grapeseed for glide.

Let us be your one stop shop, pricing and quality you can't compare to, we will match any prices that are lower than ours~


 E-mail [email protected]  for details, we're here to make your experience exceptional with our amazing products and customer service. Check out our Contact form, we will answer any questions you have. You may also e-mail me at anytime.


Upon entering the Hemp Business 12 years ago we really did out home work, anything you need to know will be on the Facts page.  All I know is medical Doctors are now prescribing it in an RX now. The benefits go back 100's maybe 1000's of years.  We started with a great product and we continue with the same great product. One thing we have above the rest is time, time for research, time to give value, time to know what we're doing, time to talk to people who are having problems and time to listen and help.

I started this part of the company, because 12 yrs ago I had a tumor in my knee removed, then the same knee had 2 meniscus tears, my husband brought me a bottle of Hemp, and it was amazing, the pain at the area was gone with a minute.  So I looked it up and saw how expensive it was ( there were only 2 companies back then) if I wanted to purchase. So I read the label and created my own, the only 2 ingredients, Canna Savita and Hemp oil, a double whammy of greatness,  at the time we could only purchase Hemp from other county's to sell in the United States, I chose Canada, and off we went. I was and still will give it to Veteran's in need for free, email me and it's yours.  I was never in it for the money, I was in it to help people, and I still am, my prices are low so that everyone can afford it, if you can't and need it email me, we will work something out. I have a client who had her second mastectomy,( I know 1st hand the anguish they go throw, I am also a licensed Mastectomy fitter of six years,  So when  this client called me, she told me the worst pain was radiation and she was starting it in a week, I gave her a bottle and told her to put it right on the spot that burned and get a warm towel, She called me two weeks later, she had no pain at all and was so happy, please check my testimonial Page.