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Bodiology has changed it's direction in the Spa and Health industry.  We are now putting your health and wellbeing first and foremost in our business plan.  This will still include the Spa Industry with not only the #1 Massage Oil in the industry, but also to bring the use of Hemp Seed Oil CBD used in reflexology and Raindrop treatments in the Spa's.  But our main goal is healing by putting this amazing Hemp  Seed CDB Oil at our customer’s fingertips for home use.


We have a plan for an entire facial line this year working with one of the Greatest Chemists in CA if not the United States, our capabilities are endless and so is our capacity.  You need it we have it and we will do it to your expectations.  We are trying to implement on the finest all natural products we can find along with keeping your needs at the top of the list.  We have and will continue to make custom products to ensure not only the customers but the employees are having their needs fulfilled.


We have and will continue to manufacture Private Label, you want to sell under your name, easy we can do that at no charge (total label design does have a cost).  We keep our quantities for your purchase low, if you only want 1 gallon that's what we will ship, retail has a mandatory 24 pieces per product per fragrance.  We have also taken the unnecessary color out of products, but if it something you want to use (washable items only) we will do it.


Let us be your one stop shop, pricing and quality you can't compare to, we will match any prices that are lower than ours~


 E-mail or for details, we're here to make your experience exceptional with our amazing products and customer service.



Please order your Hemp Seed oil from our Website, although we sell at other venues the cheapest prices will always be here and shipping will always be free!