Exclusive Spa Oils


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 After 7 years in business we know what works and what doesn't in our spa line, we have changed and tried many different products.  We now have the highest quality products and one of the finest Chemist in the industry working with us, nothing is beyond  our reach.  One of our greatest specialties is fragrance  and product duplication  so we can offer the same great quality  you  are  used  too at a price that will help your bottom line.  We have moved in the direction that Oil is what we do best, this will now be our spot light product, great quality, only the finest cold pressed oil and prices that can't be matched. Please take a look around our website and please contact us with any question! Thank You, We look forward to your business!

Large orders? Please contact us and we can work with you, please put your resale license to avoid sales tax.

PO excepted, e-mail or for details, we're here to make your spa exclusive and inexpensive with our exceptional products and customer service.