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We at Bodiology are so proud to introduce our newest product to our line; All Natural Botanical Hemp for external use for pain.  There has never been anything that works like this, whether it be nerve or bone pain,  works immediately with no side effects and we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our products.  We will be sending out samples to customers who are interested in this product.  For further information, please check out our Web Store under the tab Hemp Botanical oil.

 Again welcome to Bodiology the #1 Massage Oil in the Spa business at a price you can afford and a product you can trust. Please take a look at our site and contact us with and questions you may have!

 Large orders? Please contact us and we can work with you, please put your resale license to avoid sales tax.

PO's accepted with credit check.  E-mail or for details, we're here to make your spa exclusive and inexpensive with our exceptional products and customer service.